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Welcome to Playback!

Our website contains lots of information for you about the Playback recording service, based in Glasgow, but providing professional-quality recorded material to areas all over the UK, as well as parts of the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Set up to provide a free service to blind and visually impaired people, Playback is also available for individual and commercial recording needs at a small charge or donation. We have never refused to record any material requested - our philosophy is that if it's available in print, it should be available on audio for all audiences to access. We've been doing this for over 40 years and hope to continue to provide this service for many years to come. Please feel free to browse our site and find out a little bit about Playback. You can contact us at the address or numbers provided, or e-mail us now to arrange the solution to your audio recording needs!

If you have any ideas or comments on Playback magazine please contact our Producer Peter Fraser MBE.

If you have any problems with this site or you have any specific questions relating to the website please contact the webmaster.
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