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Other Sites of Interest...

There are many sites which you may also find of interest.

Insight Radio is the first radio station in Europe especially dealing with information for the visually impaired.  Take a listen...

The RNIB is Britain’s largest charitable organisation for the visually impaired.  They provide many products and services to make life easier.  Check out their web site.

The Association of Scottish Talking Newspapers is the umbrella organisation for all TNs in Scotland.  If you want to find out if there’s a local Talking Newspaper near you then see the list of TNs.

Infosound is a charity producing free, accessible, impartial and relevant information about living with sight loss for vision-impaired people in the UK. The charity produces a 15 minute weekly Briefing covering several topics as well as individual features, each on one specific topic. Everything is produced in audio and available online at www.infosound.org.uk.

For over 200 publications available on either tape, CD-ROM, Daisy or for download look at the Talking Newspaper Association of the UK’s web site.

If you’re a young visually impaired person, or just young at heart,  you might like to check out the Cue and Review Service.

The Glasgow and West of Scotland Society for the Blind renamed Visibility has been serving Visually impaired people in Glasgow for over 150 years.

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association has been providing dogs for Blind people for many years.  

Calibre is a library providing a free postal audio book library for visually impaired people across the UK.  They have a library of 7,000 titles to choose from.