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Available from Playback...

Key:     (M) Monthly       (W) Weekly       (F) Fortnightly       
(Q) Quarterly       (T) Twice-yearly

Playback Magazine (M) is available on Cassette, Daisy CD and On Line as either a series of MP3 files, a podcast or as a Daisy download.

Sunday Mail - news and sport (W)

Daily Record (W)

Scottish Field Magazine (M) is available on Cassette and Daisy CD.

ABC Audio News Magazine (M) is available on conventional CD and on-line as a Podcast.

Which Magazine (M)

Box & Fiddle - news of accordian & fiddle clubs (M)

Jewish Telegraph - local Jewish news (F)

The Piping Band Magazine - the official publication of the Royal  Scottish Pipe Band Association (Q)

Glasgow - city council magazine

Tape Library Catalogue - on tape, disc or in print or website

We also record a number of newsletters which are available to organisation members. Contact the group secretary for details on the following

National Federation of the Blind, Glasgow Branch

SAGDO, Scottish Association of Guide Dog Owners

Retinitis Pigmentosa

International Glaucoma Association

British Diabetic Association Information
... and many more!

Also available direct from the following venues/organisations, news for...

Glasgow Kings Theatre

Citizens Theatre

Tron Theatre

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Perth Theatre

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Scottish Opera

Scottish Ballet